about us
and something private

About us
And something private
Kototel is a family business, and the history of our family is a life-long journey, a road, and a constant change of residence from year to year. People, places and events changed at such a speed that I could hardly remember the number of our new apartment. But only one thing has remained unchanged - this is our love and affection for each other, family ties that cannot be broken.

When I was 10 years old, my mother brought home a tiny kitten that hid under my armpit and trembled with fear. On that day, we had a new and most fluffy family member for a long 17 years. He traveled heroically with us and always adapted to new conditions with incredible speed.

История отеля для кошек, я и папа><meta itemprop=
Daddy, Musya, me and Gina, 1994 year
Over time, our family grew, supplemented by a dog, fish and a parrot. With all this economy, it became more and more difficult to move. Constant trips of parents and studies forced us to part with our beloved pets more and more often. How hard it is to be separated from those you love.
Наша первая собачка><meta itemprop=
Mommy and Dusya, 2001 year
Семья><meta itemprop=
Daddy, Radik, me and snake, 2005 year
Котенок Перчик и папа><meta itemprop=
Perchik and father, 2010 year
Growing up, I got excited about the idea of creating a place where every animal would be treated with the same reverence and care as their relatives. So that parting with the family, even for a few days, would not be so painful and difficult.

Our Kototel became such a place - a hotel for cats "Mir Meow". Here we tried to create the best conditions for cats, investing our soul and all our knowledge. Excellent service, basic and additional services will be appreciated by everyone who wants to give their loved ones only the best.
Основатель гостиницы и любимый постоялец><meta itemprop=
Me and our frequent guest, 2020 year