Basic and additional services for you and your pets
Basic and additional services for you
and your pets


Parting with their home, though not for long, some cats may feel sad. And besides the attention, love and care of our cat nannies, we open an incredible world of adventures for them. To do this, each of our hotels is equipped with large play areas with live trees and shelves, ropes and ropes, where even the most active cat or cat will find adventure on all fours. And in the late afternoon, our parrot will sing a soothing song for your pet to the sound of a flowing waterfall

Photo and video reports

No matter how far you are, your cat is always in touch! We regularly provide photo and video reports about the life of your pet in our hotel (viber, whatsapp, telegram). Be sure not to miss the most unforgettable moments in your cat's life!

Cat nannies

We know how stressful it is to part with those you love. This is especially difficult for animals in a new unfamiliar environment. To prevent this from happening, our professional cat nannies will play, stroke, chat with each cat or kitty and will not make them feel lonely for a second.

Feeding control

We will gladly fulfill any of your wishes regarding the nutrition of your pet. Feeding with a "natural meal" is no problem, we have all the necessary equipment. Any type of nutrition and dosing will be done to the exact gram if advised by your veterinarian.

Vet control

One of the top priorities in our hotel is the health of your animals. Check-in is possible only with a veterinary passport with current valid vaccinations. The hotel has a qualified veterinarian who, if necessary, will immediately examine the pet and take all measures to eliminate any even hypothetical troubles.
Ветеринар всегда рядом в случае необходимости

Private cat transfer

For your convenience, we offer a transfer and will be able to pick up or bring your cat or kitty, saving your precious time. The gorgeous, spacious, safe Hagen Catit Cabrio Carrier will provide your cat or kitty with incredible comfort on the go. The cost in Kiev is 400 UAH. (one way), in the Kiev region - negotiated individually.


Our hotel for cats is located in a protected area, access to which is limited. All animals are under constant video control and are surrounded by the care of our attentive cat nannies. Each cat box has an individual number and owner's card, which will allow you not to confuse your cat with another, even with a very long separation :)
Ваши питомцы под надежной защитой в нашем кототеле