We answer your most popular questions, deploy myths and fears
What are the conditions for accepting animals in your hotel?
The main and only condition that distinguishes us from other hotels in Kiev is the mandatory requirement for your animal's veterinary passport with up-to-date, valid vaccines!!! Please note that such arguments as an expensive breed, beautiful eyes, "vaccinations are available but the passport is lost" and the fact that the cat is domestic does not affect us in any way :) The health and safety of the guests is our main priority. If you have a cat and he is older than 1 year, he must be neutered.
Why are your rooms made of glass?
The choice of materials is primarily due to the care of our guests! Tempered glass is the only material that does not absorb odors, germs, urine of past guests (and imagine if the cat is not neutered). After treatment with special substances, glass and aluminum make it possible to provide a 99% sterile room for the arrival of a new visitor. Each room has a comfortable bed, and the glass gives excellent visibility and the cat does not feel abandoned. For the most shy, we offer disposable cardboard houses that cats simply love, and are provided free of charge.
What is included in the price?
Private room, playground entertainment, disposable cardboard house, pet care and room cleaning, water, toilet tray, photo-video reports, love and care of our cat nannies. Due to the fact that cats are incredibly picky about food, nutrition is negotiated individually. Please note that we offer both catering (all inclusive) and non-catering rooms in case you wish to bring your own.
How to book a room?
There are three easy ways:

  • use order form on the page
  • call us directly to the hotel from 10:00 to 19:00 by phones +38 099 144 11 04, +380502530362
  • write a message to Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram by phone +38 050 253 03 62
In every veterinary clinic you can leave a cat, why go to you?
Any veterinarian will tell you that it is extremely unsafe to leave a healthy animal in the neighborhood with sick animals. And imagine that you were brought for a week to "sit out" in an iron cage in a clinic, while the owner is sunbathing on the beach :) In our hotel, cats are incredibly interesting and informative, cozy and warm, and absolutely safe.
What do you need to take with you?
Only a veterinary passport. In our hotel, we have tried to simplify the settlement process as much as possible. We have everything you need for a comfortable stay. Settlement, as a rule, takes no more than 10 minutes.

There are several hotels for animals in the city, which one is better for you?
We are a hotel exclusively for cats! We assure you, not a single cat wants to spend the weekend under the same roof with dogs. Take care of your pet's mind. Modesty prevents us from describing other advantages, just come and see everything with your own eyes.